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 Monday, July 31, 2000

Courtney Myers | 7/31/2000 05:14:16 PM | link
  Thom and I have been breaking new ground in our relationship - Saturday night we went on a date... we walked down his beach and up the trails by the river, and stopped and prayed for awhile... went into town and sat in front of the video store for an hour or so talking and praying about our fears and insecurities...

We made commitments to each other and to God to totally let up the control we try to hold on to in our lives, and give our lives and our relationship to God... wherever He takes us, whatever it takes... break me, mold me, shape me... as Thom said... "If I don't give myself to the Potter, I'll never be a pot." We sang "create in me a clean heart" and "change my heart o God" and "as the deer" and felt very, very close to each other and to Him...

It's a huge leap of faith, for me especially, to say I trust God to do whatever He wants with me, especially when I feel so close to Thom and I really want to hang onto him for good. And I do feel like God perhaps wants Thom and I to stay together permanently. But it's the letting go of control that is so difficult...

Courtney Myers | 7/31/2000 05:00:59 PM | link
  I'm back from camp! Seems this place has been kinda dead this last week... I'm hoping to post the end times stuff pretty soon though, so maybe that will change. :) Camp was great - about 16 kids accepted Christ, and it was just awesome. On the final night, around midnight, Thom went out in the middle of the campground and played "Amazing Grace" on his tenor sax - that was really, really cool. People came out of their cabins to watch him, and just marvel at his gift.

So... until next time, God bless!