I'll be 20 on August 25, 1999. This is also Sean Connery's birthday, but I don't know how old he'll be.

I'm a chick. I'm straight. I believe in God.

I'm 5'8 1/2", weigh 136, look really skinny, wear a size 8 1/2 shoe and size 7/8 pants. I have light brown hair and green/gray/blue eyes. My hair is wavy/curly.

I'm quiet and loud. It depends on who you are. :D

I'm a second year college student. I'm shooting for a digital multimedia degree. I graduated from high school in 1997 with honors in Music and Science.

I have no life.

I rob cradles. Not by choice. The last couple guys I've been interested in were all younger than me by 2 years or more.

This website was created as an addition to my previous website, on which someone I know was reading my journals and seriously bugging me about them. I have about... oh... 5 or so websites, total, only 3 of which I update on a regular basis.

"Aveiceae" is "have a nice day" with the first letter or each word chopped off, the "a" removed, and an "e" instead of the last "y".

Ja mata.

I blame you.

shards of glass