He'll be 17 on March 15, 2000. He has the same birthday as Laurel's mom.

He's obviously very straight, and believes in God.

He's 5'11, weighs around 155, is skinny but muscular and fit, and wears pants a wee bit too big for him. He dresses well. He has beautiful brown hair and green/gray/blue eyes, like mine. His hair is thick and lovely. He wears glasses and braces, and has ADHD and asthma. He's very cute.

He's also quiet and loud, and very thoughtful, but at the same time funny.

He's a sophomore in high school and should graduate in the year 2001. He plans to get his AA degree his junior and senior year, and then transfer somewhere.

He likes older women. Obviously. :D

I'm in love with him. they don't need me here / and I know you're there.

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