Brand spankin' new!

I've decided to resume an online journal after much inactivity in that department, partially inspired by the departure of my most favorite journaller, the most hilarious Pamie. I shall miss her.

So! It begins! I'll stick up some of my more favorite (and private) older journals to begin...

Three wee little words
So hard to voice. (3-22-99)

Thomas speaks
WHerein the other half talks about me. (3-21-99)

Wherein I straddle him. Literally. (3-8-99)

Hanky Panky
Wherin I fall in love and stuff. (3-5-99)

So close... but yet so dang stinking far
It turned out better later anyway. (3-4-99)

In your dreams
Wherin I delude myself. (3-3-99)

Wherein I make like a locust. (2-24-99)

Wherein I rob the cradle. (2-9-99)

I knew it
Wherein I sense some connectivity. (2-8-99)

Life isn't always dreary and dull.