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8-9-2001, 7:44 pm

Dude. Do you realize how long it's been since I've written a journal entry like this? For. Freaking. Ever.

I have been buying lots of things lately, and wanting to buy lots of other things. This is one of the coolest things in the world. I want. BADLY. I am also salivating over the first season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Don't look at me that way. Also... nifty clothes for my trip to Chicago in November.

Ahh, Chicago in November. That would be to visit Thom. Who will be at school. Where he will be going on August 22nd. Which is a little under two weeks away. ;_;

But I love trips and traveling, and I haven't traveled in a long time.. so going to see Thom in Nov. will be cool, regardless of the fact that it means he will be GONE, which is why I'll be visiting him in the first place...

Laurel wants to come with, to check out a college she's interested in. And I figure, while I'm there, I might as well check out colleges that interest me too, no? So maybe we can all be in the same city together again... wishful thinking, I realize.

Been working on my pasty white flesh - in the "attempting-to-tan" sense, anyway. The sun has actually cracked through the cloud layer here and is burning at a fairly impressive 85 or so degrees. Thom and I actually went out to the beach yesterday and were able to sit on the shore without freezing our arses off. The water, on the other hand, was a whole different story...

Ohhh, my gosh. Undercarriage hitting the water.

I'm already there. Nothing like the feeling of icy cold refreshment in your butt crack.

My poor little guys can't take it!

I thought they retracted or something, to keep warm.

While that would be cool, that unfortunately is not the case.

So I learned a bit about the male anatomy in the process, and thouroughly numbed the lower half of my body (I couldn't bear to wade in any farther, for fear of sudden hypothermia).

At work, my boss (who is known for playing crappy elevator music and for removing any CDs that sound even remotely cool) has been playing the "Sound of Music" soundtrack. Now, I can usually handle this CD, and have been known to occasionally enjoy it. But after the dang thing has looped around about 500 times, I can't take it anymore.

"I am 16, going on 17, I know that I'm naive...."


That and "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" are the ones that really grate on me.

My ma and I went to a Seattle Mariners game a week or so ago, the one where they gave out Ichiro Suzuki bobble-head dolls. She dragged me out of bed at 3 in the morning. Freaking three in the still-dark-sleepy-time morning!! We were on the road at 3:30 and caught the 5:10 ferry.... made it to the line at 6:30... and there were tents all over the place. People had camped out in front of the stadium to get a little bobble head doll. I marvel at the oddness of the human race sometimes. So anyway we plop down in line (of course we have neglected to bring chairs or other such devices of "comfort," and me, being the stupidhead that I am, left my CD player in the CAR on the other side of the ferry) and get set to wait the 3 and a half hours before they open the gates.

Three and a half hours in line with no CD player in the ungodly hours of the morning is pure hell.

So we get the bobblehead dolls, we stay through a few innings, and head home. One Saturday of my life wasted.

I have recently bought a Dickies bag from yakpak.com. This is a sweet bag. Nice and big, and with a nifty external pocket for a CD player! Just what I need for Chicago. (It's the "DJ Shoulder bag" if you're interested.)

Oy, I just looked at the clock and realized I've gotta get a move on...

8:24 pm

your day breaks, your mind aches.

I am a squishette.

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