Wherein I straddle him. Literally.

3-8-99, 11:33 am

Saturday night Laurel, Thom and myself went to Club Aptitude in Sequim. It was interesting seeing Thom for the first time since Thursday, considering the last time we'd seen each other we were.. quite... "wrapped up." He wore his neato white long-sleeved collared shirt again (the one he wore the night we told each other we liked each other) and I don't know if Laurel felt it, but the electricity in the car was quite apparent driving to Sequim.

We got there and sat through a half-hour or so of (c)rap and R&B, and suddenly "Zoot Suit Riot" started playing, and we raced out to the floor (with about 3 other couples) and pulled off some nice tricks, the "Shag" turning out the best. Ahh, swing. A reason to hold hands. :D

After that brief shining moment of happiness, more R&B and (c)rap was heard. Thom and I retreated to our table with Laurel (some people even clapped for us! :) and played some cards. And I got an idea.

"Why don't we try to learn some lifts?"

The only place with enough space (and privacy) to attempt lifts was a dark hallway by the bathrooms. We attempted a Straddle lift, which was cool because I got to straddle him around the waist. He dips, and then kind of throws me up & out for a dismount (which I need to work on.) That went pretty well, straddling him in a dark hallway with no one around and our pulses racing, so we decided to try a side-to-side lift, where I jump to one side of him and he flips me to the other. This resulted in much... slipping and dropping through the transition, which was fun because we got to be all over each other, for a real legit reason. "I wish we could be alone," he whispered. "Me too," I replied breathlessly. A current flashed through the hallway. We tried it again. And again. And laughed and hugged and held hands and kind of got it. (Once he threw me into the wall on accident, on the dismount, but it was funny.) We went back out towards our table and practiced the Charleston, and the DJ came over and tried to teach us some weird variation of it that involved knees very high on thighs. (He said "can I borrow you?" to me; Laurel later said Thom was "annoyed-looking", and Thom later said he was like "no you can't 'borrow' her." ^_^) he touched my elbow after the DJ left. We danced again to "Jump Jive and Wail" (which felt very much like we were in a movie or something - we got all our moves down, and the loud music and the lights and the energy were all amazing. And the spark flashing between our hands. ^^) We sat back down and he played with my hands a bit, which was quite charming.

As I was driving him home we talked and gushed to each other. "I've been thinking about you all day," he said. We smiled and blabbed and talked about the future ("Let's just ignore it," he said. ^^) He said he'd stay in PA for me... before, he'd thought there was nothing here for him, but now there was. He also said it was gonna be real weird when I turned 20.

"Swing is interesting," I said. "It's like an excuse to get close; hold hands."

"It's like 'OK - closed position!'" he said jokingly. (Or not so jokingly. :D) "It's all like a dream."

We pulled off the road to wait out his curfew and cuddled and kissed and kissed and kissed. He smells so nice... and he looked kawaii... and he kisses darn good, too. :D Soft, a bit playful, a bit innocent. And we kissed. And drove into his driveway, and kissed again, and glowed a few "goodbye"s to each other, and I left, zipping down the highway to make it home at exactly 12:30.

Sunday morning Laurel and I were sitting in church when suddenly he appeared out of nowhere like an angel and sat down right next to me. ("These things happen to other people... they don't happen at all, in fact...") "It took me forever to find you," he said breathlessly. Needless to say church was fun... sandwiched between my best friend and my... um... hmm. I'm not sure what we are. Good friends, yes. A bit of a couple, yes. But we're not "girlfriend/boyfriend," though I found myself mentally calling him that last night. We're... an anomaly. We're unique. We really like each other. I find myself missing him when I'm not around him. I want to dance with him, hug him, talk to him, embrace him, laugh with him, look at him, walk with him,... kiss him. He said he told Steve about us, and Steve said "you're twitterpated." ^^

Well. I'll see him tomorrow when Lindy Hop classes start up - that should be absolutely schweet. ^^


12:10 pm

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