In your dreams
Wherin I delude myself.

March 3, 1999; 12:40 pm

I dreamed that I kissed him last night. We were in church, in the service, and we were sitting on the floor in the back listening to whatever was going on up front. Then all these blonde chicks came up and sat all around him, and giggled and laughed all over him, and we gave each other pained looks of ... um... discomfort, and I scooted away a little. And somehow all these people from the youth group suddenly appeared and sat all around us, and we were all packed into this small space in the very spacious back area of the sanctuary. And he and I looked at each other across this wide expanse of people. And then somehow the seas parted and he managed to get next to me, and he pressed up against me jokingly (still sitting on the floor) as if making fun of all the other people pressed up against each other. And our faces were right next to each other, and it was just like suddenly... we touched. And we kissed. It was cool. Very cool for a dream kiss. Even if it was in the back of the church in front of all those people. o_O

I am a squishette.

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