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February 9, 1999... 11:40 am

Ahhhh.... flutter flutter...

If you read yesterday's blatherings you know I'm swept up in a new infatuation/crush/flirty-type "thing." Which was greatly helped by the events of last night... swing dance class... my stomach flutters just thinking of it.

So. We both had gone to the beginner's class before, so while the instructor was going over the "get used to your partner" exercises, we kind of goofed off. There was one where you had to touch your fingertips to your partner's fingertips and "mirror" his movements. So we stared at each other and got into some crazy "mirroring." (Did I mention he has nice hands? ^^;;;) There was also a new one - where the guy had to put his hands on his partner's hips while they went through the basic steps, so he could mirror her movements. THAT was definitly a flutter-inducing exercise for me. We danced about five inches apart, staring (and making faces ^^) at each other. Aggghghggghghghghgghh. I can't quite explain it - there's just some sort of underlying chemistry going on, something just noticeable in the air between us. It's very subtle, but I think we both took notice of it. And he smelled really good... aahhhhhh... flutter.

So. Then the actual dancing. We remembered the steps from the week before right away, and decided to focus more on style... very fun. What an excuse to stare at and get close to someone you've "got it" for. (Ugh. I hope my dad doesn't decide to read this one...) Again, I can't explain it... holding hands, goofing around, making up our own moves... something is sparking there! I can't articulate it. I'll have to ask Civillian Girl (now that she knows all about this ^^) if it's at all noticeable to an ousider who's not feeling the air between us as we are. Heck, I don't even know how he feels - we've never even talked about THIS - but there are so many little things that seem to say something. I kind of want to go up to him on Wednesday (youth group night - we're both staff) and ask if he can sense something happening. It's just one of those exciting things that thrills you while it's happening to you... one of those charged-up, inspiring experiences... I wish it upon you all.

Hmm. So anyway, we're going to go to the Advanced dance classes on Thursday and learn some fast moves and lifts and things..... kuhlness...... ^_^ Also... we made it to the State Contest through Solo Ensemble! (Sax/piano - see yesterday's blathering) so in April we'll get to go to Ellensburg together to perform. Very, very, very cool. I never made it to State while I was in high school! ('Course, I never tried... I was a good clarinetist, but there are some other darn good clarinetists out there too... not to mention piano or marimba. I picked very competitive instruments.)

And Civillian Girl's partner actually came to swing class this time, so they both got to learn something.... not too bad! She actually learned the girl part! *heheh*

Well... I'm still fluttery... there's more I could write, but I've embarressed myself enough already.

12:01 pm

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