dreams - 11-16-98

Well... well well well...

Youth group in 2 days... we'll see how it goes, with R-chan and L-chan. I think she'll only be able to go to high school youth group - she won't feel so out-of-place, plus everyone won't be so uncomfortable. But it was kuhl last week. I hope it goes well for her again.

So... I was thinking about kissing... especially after seeing "Meet Joe Black" yesterday. (drool) After they first kiss, he says something like "the taste of your lips and the touch of your tongue - incredible!" (or something similar.) Ooooh... (swoon) "I like your scent" or something too... oooo... he was really extraordinarily sexy. Made me want to kiss somebody. Like Rob. His kisses were fantastic. Smooth and sweet and slightly naughty. :) I'm getting embarressed. He was really into me. That night after the play... what happened? Am I suddenly ugly? Stupid? Boring? I dunno. I just want to be friends. Man I talk about him a lot... and he prolly never thinks of me. O well... life goes on.