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Hey there. I love your page. :) Here's my "problem:" I'm a chick, almost 20, and I have a thing for a guy almost 4 years my junior. Before you bust a gut laughing at me, hear me out. The guy is very mature for his age (I thought he was around my age when I met him), and we connect really well - we have the same sense of humor, and the same kind of personality and everything. We have a blast together. Lately things have been getting kind of flirtatious. Do you think it's at all feasable for us to actually have a relationship? People would laugh and laugh, but I don't really care - he's a cool guy. And once you get older, 4 years isn't that big a deal. But what do you think about right now? I'm greatly interested in your opinion, as you seem to have something good to say about almost everything people throw at you. Thanks in advance. :>

The Chicks Suck Guy:
If you really want to get his attention, go over to his house with some candy. "Want some candy little boy?"

I am trying to picture myself as the mature 16-year-old. I was mature as a 16-year-old. While I could have handled the semi-relationship, I don't think it's feasible for any older chick.

Do you want to go to the prom? What about driving everywhere? Or paying? Something tells me he doesn't have too much money, or a car. What if he gets grounded? What about curfew? What about zits?

The fact is, you may like him for him, but you will probably tire of not being able to go out with him. And you're going to be 21 this year, and he won't be able to join you when you party.

You'll probably not take my advice, but at least consider it. Really, you should just give him sex, that's what I would want if I was him.

Shows what he knows. :P

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