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Comments by YACCS

    Wednesday, December 20, 2000

 > > > >  court | 12/20/2000 07:55:49 PM | linky <

  My large extended family has just become one person smaller...

My cousin Jerad was killed yesterday afternoon. He was 23.

That's too young to die - no one should die that young; not the way he did!

He and his father-in-law were installing a mobile home that he and his wife had recently purchased to move into, on her parents' property. It was a great source of joy for them - they'd finally gotten the permit, and were about to install it, and everything was looking great.

They had removed the wheels from the mobile home and were lowering it back to the ground when it slipped off its support blocks and fell on Jerad, across his chest, crushing him. He was dead instantly.

There is no possible way I can even describe the emotion and memories and sadness I feel about this - there's no way anyone could express or understand it just by writing or reading it in this stupid blog. I grew up with Jerad. I stilll cannot believe he's gone - just like that. He died while I was at work. He died while his wife was at work. I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it.

My aunt and uncle are just devestated. There are a lot of personal details about their relationship with Jerad I won't go into just for their sake, but it's just so awful that he had to die now. It's just awful. We all went over to their house last night after we heard - the entire in-town family converged on their little house; cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles - and the look on his dad's face was just haunting. It's just so, so sad. I can't believe it. There was nothing any of us could do but cry, and remember, and pray. 6 days before Christmas, and he was gone. I feel so bad for his wife... I just can't believe it.

I can't talk about it anymore. I haven't seen him in so long, and now it's only "what if." My dad had to call my brother in Florida - he and Jerad were very close when they were younger - and my brother is just as shocked. He'll be home in time for the funeral, at least. I still just don't believe it... it can't be real. No one close to me has ever died before.

I'm just sitting here shaking my head. This is impossible to comprehend... I wonder what his funeral will be like. I wonder if he knew it when he died, or if he was just gone. I wonder why.

I heard that he had recently recommited his life to God. In that case... I'll see him again, someday...


    Thursday, December 14, 2000

 > > > >  court | 12/14/2000 11:45:53 AM | linky <

  "oh, the weather outside is frightful..."


    Sunday, December 10, 2000

 > > > >  court | 12/10/2000 09:50:23 PM | linky <

  Thank you very much - it meant a lot to me to read this! :) ... it's kind of sad that nowadays it's very hard to find anyone - Christian or not - who holds the same view on this issue... people always look so shocked when they hear Thom and I have been dating for just about 2 years and are both still virgins. "You mean you... don't have sex??!" It's no big deal these days. I'm just glad I'll never have to worry about any of the following:

-Sexually transmitted diseases,
-Unplanned/out-of-wedlock children,
-My future husband comparing me to past partners,
-Comparing my future husband to past partners,

and etc. It's a win-win deal as far as we see it. :D


    Saturday, December 02, 2000

 > > > >  court | 12/2/2000 03:25:58 PM | linky <

  I have been observing things lately, the way culture influences us in our day-to-day lives, and how deceptive and alluring sin is presented as being these days. I would like to ask you all to hold me accountable for sexual purity. It's something I'm very serious about, and something I believe very strongly in. I know of a lot of you (Thom, Laurel, Thad, Jeannine, at least) who share the same views as I. I think it would be very cool if we all held each other accountable on this issue. I believe it to be of the utmost importance, for now and for future marriages.

I bring this up because lately - being in a serious relationship myself - the issue has come up more and more frequently. Being in a serious relationship with someone, you naturally start to think about staying together in the long run, and the like, and also getting closer - and physical closeness is a byproduct, naturally. Trouble begins when the temptations begin to rise. I know that with Thom and I, we made a vow with each other and with God that we would remain sexually pure until marriage. We set guidelines and limits, and fully intend to stick to them. I would like to be held accountable to them as well. I feel by declaring our intent publically, we are less likely to give in to temptations when the passions flare. I truly believe this is one of the more important and most-compromised issues we face today... the Bible is very clear about sexual temptation and what we should do in the face of it... "flee."

So thank you, and God bless.

Thoughts, anyone?