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 Saturday, November 11, 2000

Courtney Myers | 11/11/2000 11:11:10 PM | link
  This is really annoying. I need to get a personal domain. Geocities is really getting on my nerves.

One of the things I really liked about Thom's speech last Wednesday was one of the final things he said... "When you get to heaven, God's not gonna stand there and go 'well... I guess you can come in.' He's gonna say 'c'mere, you. I love you,' and give you a big bear hug. 'Welcome to heaven.'" And Thom made the motion of someone hugging someone and slapping them on the back. I had never really thought of it that way - I always kind of pictured the "God behind the throne like a judge" sort of thing (I don't know why exactly), but I bet it's more the way Thom described it. It's a nice thought. :)

We may soon have a new contributor to In the Light! John Regan has asked to be a part of this blog. He says of himself: "I'm a youth pastor in Missouri and I really liked your blog. I'd like a chance to post some input. I'm a southern Baptist, working on a BA in Christian Education." You can check out his personal blog here. Welcome, John! :)

 Thursday, November 9, 2000

Courtney Myers | 11/9/2000 10:24:00 PM | link
  Arrgh! Darn geocities... it's not accepting Blogger posts again; well, for me, anyways. I need some good quality webspace. Of course... that requires $$. Ah well... I will use what I've been provided! (Not that I'd mind at all if something better came along! :)

Courtney Myers | 11/9/2000 12:31:16 AM | link
  Thom gave an excellent speech at youth group tonight - it truly was straight from God, as he was calm, collected, articulate, engaging, interesting, poignant, and very "alive" - it was one of those talks that everyone in the room really heard. He spoke on "why do we screw up as Christians, and what does it mean?" It was just excellent. I would write out a summary but I'd rather let him do that if he would like, as i would probably forget important parts and the really impactful things he said. It was just a terrific speech, and I wish I'd got it on tape. I was at once humbled, encouraged, and proud of him, and also awed at how God used him.

This election stuff is crazy. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer... hopefully our future is not going down the tubes. I voted.... did you? :)

I'm toying with redesigns for this site, but so far all of them suck... but I will redesign it, as soon as I can come up with something good. I keep seeing all these nifty-looking sites, and I want to at least give my best shot at creating something nice to look at. Which (sigh) this site is not. Quite not.

Time to hit the sack... God bless.

 Sunday, November 5, 2000

Courtney Myers | 11/5/2000 10:16:21 PM | link
  This is great, Dani! Funny how inspiration hits in the wee hours of the morning. :)

Ahh... I'm in one of those little dips at the moment, where I'm not really "on fire" for God. I'm such a silly person... God does incredible, obvious, amazing things for me, and a week later I'll be standing around with my hands in the air going "Hey, God! What's going on? Where are you?" Maybe it's just humanity... we forget so quickly the blessings we have, and we want more signs, more of this, more of that. My faith is not in question - it hasn't been for years - but my desire to serve, my drive, my passion goes up and down. I see parallels of that in my relationships with the people around me - over and over again, wanting signs of this or that, even though they've been abundantly proven.

I often think that one of the reasons God created us to be social beings was so that we could understand our relationship with Him better. This is especially true of romantic relationships - learning to be selfless and love someone so much... as close to unconditional as a human can get. And to think that God loves us COMPLETELY unconditionally, without petty grudges or criticism or what-have-you, is a thought to marvel at.