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 Wednesday, July 05, 2000

thad smith | 7/5/2000 10:21:47 PM | link
  hey all. so is this a chat between courtney and myself? or is there a thom and a laurel out there? or are you two similar to jeannine?

first off about the whole free will stuff - that is so complicated, but to sum up what I have learned from the study my dad did in sunday school, I feel that everything in my faith with God was done by him for his purpose. what that entails is everything. from the knowledge to the understanding and even the choosing was done by God. because if I am dead I can do nothing right; I can't raise a finger. nothing I have done or will do can save me. I was "dead" but was made alive by Christ; I was given the eye so I was able to see. I was given the breath so I was able to breathe. I didn't choose him, he chose me. not the other way around like most want to believe. because who am I? a sinner like myself. I have the ability to make that decision? I don't think so. this also talks about the predestined; we were chosen before the foundation of the earth, before there was time? remember we were all made with a plan. one that He made. it isn't like a game of chess where the pieces are there and they play by themselves. they need something to move them in a way with the entire game already mapped out. God knows every move I make and one that I shouldn't, that is the free will. when I know what is right and I don't do it. free will isn't that I choose God. that is saying that I did something to receive Christ. I did nothing!!! So the big question should come up. WHy doesn't he choose every one? why did he choose me over someone else? well that is simple. because he wants to. you may think that isn't fair? well, who are you to question God? remember it is God's will, not yours. and on that note I will have to go; that is pretty much what I feel about free will and the Doctrine of Election. ok good night and God bless you.
TIll the whole world hears
love, your brother in Christ

 Monday, July 03, 2000

Courtney Myers | 7/3/2000 07:11:08 PM | link
  This is a really great site for basic fundamentals of Christianity. The design may not be so hot, but the content is great.

Jeannine Sawyer | 7/3/2000 03:33:00 PM | link
  hello all...wow it's been a long time, but this has to be short. Now, as it seems that this is the main wave of communication between some of us, I must say to those unaware...I may not be able to take the time to post for I don't know how long. This is just a "hi, how are ya." I am working full time and taking a class (microbiology) at PC, that keeps me on my toes. I truly love to read what you are all saying, Courtney, Thad, Laurel...keep it up, and Gloria a Dios (Glory to God).
'till the whole world hears
love Jeannine

Courtney Myers | 7/3/2000 02:37:19 PM | link
  Hey Thad, what did you think of the free will stuff? There weren't too many responses here, but I think it's an interesting topic...

How about purity in relationships? We've discussed dating, but assuming you are in that sort of relationship, you know of the delicate balance, the line you must constantly tread to respect your partner and not plunge into temptation. It can be hard. Thom and I have had to constantly keep our limits in mind, especially during those lazy times when the mind tends to wander. We made a contract, then copied it and sealed it with the intention of giving it back to each other when/if the proper time (marriage) comes around. How do you maintain the balance? :)

Respecting each other (as "our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit") and glorifying God in your actions should be the top priorities... as well as just nurturing a lasting friendship. It can be done. But as with all good things, it takes effort, and a lot of prayer. Sometimes it's hard to "meditate on those things that are pure, and righteous, and holy," and etc., when someone you love (and are quite attracted to) is close to you.